Default S500 airframe configuration not flyable with default

Hello PX4 community, I have built an s500 frame drone with a pixhawk 4. When I attempt to to fly the craft with the default PIDS it is almost uncontrollable with heavy oscillations. When using Mission planner and APM it flies perfectly out of the box. We noticed this issue only with 1.9 and 1.8.2 flies fine but we need to upgrade for other reasons.

@Shobhit_Mehrotra Thanks for the feedback. Based on other users echo we made specific Airframe configurations for S500 and Holybro S500 setups. Could you try the Holybro S500 config that was added to 1.9.1 and later? I would assume that gives you the flight performace you are looking for.

Here’s the change as reference:
If you have the 1.9.1+ you can choose it like described here:

Hi @MaEtUgR, Thank you for your response. We tried the holybro s500 frame with the latest stable 1.9.2 as well as the latest master. We attempted to use Pids that we found on successful flights on review.px4 but still we get a wild oscillation. I looked into the issue and changed the I value but no success. We are very confused. Attached are some flight logs…


We used 1.9.0 rc2 and it seemed to solve the issue