Daily custom build fails [SOLVED]


Trying to compile a custom build for android from a daily downloaded yesterday on a Mac M1. Regular QGC builds and runs correctly in QT.

Followed each step in the readme for the custom build:

  • Clean you build directory of any previous build
  • Rename the directory from custom-example to custom
  • Change to the custom directory
  • Run python updateqrc.py
    I run the command with python3 and got following output:
    “Excluded: file alias=“QGroundControl/FlightDisplay/FlyViewCustomLayer.qml”>src/FlightDisplay/FlyViewCustomLayer.qml/file”
  • Build QGC

Got the following error:

sed: 1: “/Users/corrado/QGC/qgro …”: command c expects \ followed by text
make: *** [Makefile:2061: android_source_dir] Error 1

the line in makefile is the following and it is in red:


I do all the steps in readme than I rebuild qgroundcontrol project in QT, maybe I didn’t fully understand what I should build.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT Tried building from stable 4.2 and same error.

I solved the issue as described here but don’t know if it is ok or I am missing something: