Customization of Qgroundcontrol Software

I had cloned Qgroundcontrol master branch, and installed Qt creator 6.6.1 on Windows 11 and Visual Studio 2022 (enabled dev with c++ module) still I’m facing build error. Along with that could anyone please guide me regarding how to alter toolbar ui, and logo etc.

As I’m pretty new to this Qgroundcontrol I had cloned QGC stable_V4.2 and using qt creator 5.15.2 and MSVS 2019 and I’m getting an error ‘cannot open file type: QGCMapEngine.obj’ . I don’t know how to deal with this. Anyone Please help


I also had many problems in the beginning with compile. I would recommend use stable v4.3 and Qt creator 12.0.2v (Community) this one at least worked. I had a compile error in the beggining and then I erased all the non UTF-8 characters (other languages characters when choosing lanuguage). MSVS2019 is the correct version. Try qt online installer “qt-unified-windows-x64-4.6.1-online.exe”

Please tell me that which QT version(6.6.1 or 5.15.2) we need to download. Could you please guide me further. Could you please send your whatsapp no. if possible

I would help you but I started recently spending my time with qgroundcontrol and I do not have experience to guide you very well. The truth is documentation is relative poor and I am struggling a lot by myself to get around. Use the link to download the installer and follow the tutorial In my case it compiles with version Stabe v4.3

Yaah done mate. Thanks a lot