Custom startup for namespace in XRCE_DDS

I am in process of migrating from MAVROS(ROS1) to uXRCE_DDS(ROS2). I’ve somewhat successfully achieved it. The last piece of the puzzle is the namespace of the topics. I understand with UXRCE_DDS_CFG = Telem2 the client starts with topic names /fmu/… I disabled UXRCE_DDS_CFG and added a start line in the extras.txt with the namespace argument, but this seems to not start the client at all.
Can the client not be started this way?
Or am I missing something obvious?
Thanks in advanced!

Edit: I am able to start and stop, with and without the namespace over the Mavlink console on QGC connected to telem1

Stopping the client and then restarting from the extras.txt works.

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Thanks for sharing ! :slight_smile:
I was wondering how to do this.