Uxrce_dds_client only work when all mavlink is stopped


I am trying to connect PX4 (v1.14) via ROS2 (Foxy on ubuntu 20.04) with uxrce_dds_client as described in

My set up is
[PX4-6X module <–dev/ttyS3–> VOXL(ROS2 foxy, ubuntu 18.04)] ← Ethernet → [Hub] ← Ethernet → [Host PC (ROS2 foxy, ubuntu 20.04)]

I was successfully run $ ros2 launch px4_offboard offboard_position_control.launch.py on my host PC.

Only issue right now is that uxrce_dds_client can only run when mavlink stop-all commanded in nsh.
I tried to set MAV_1_CONFIG which was assigned to /dev/ttyS3 as ‘Disabled’ but no luck.
mavlink stop #1 did not work either.
uxrce_dds_client only works when all mavlink instances are stopped by mavlink stop-all command.
Is this known issue or I am doing it wrong?

Thanks for any help.


This issue is resolved by changing device path assigned to CONFIG_BOARD_SERIAL_TEL2.

Setting MAV_1_CONFIG to Disabled does not actually stop mavlink instance thus making both mavlink and uxrce_dds_client running at the same port.