Fail to build PX4 Firmware

Hello, I’m new to building Firmware for PX4 and I need some help please!

I am on Windows 10 and have installed the PX4 toolchain, following the steps here.

I am now attempting to build PX4 Firmware following the steps here.

The steps I’ve used are shown below:

git clone --recursive
cd Firmware
make cubepilot_cubeorange

At the start, this is shown on the console:

and after this, I start getting a bunch of errors like this:

Slightly more zoomed in and readable version below, of the above errors:

I’ve tried testing if it only happens when I try to make the Firmware for the Cube Orange, but as far as I could tell, I get the same messages with other Pixhawk boards like the Cube Black.

Any help would be hugely appreciated!

please update gcc to 9

Hello! Thanks for your reply! I just checked:

So I assume this is not the issue? or is there a specific version i need?