Critical nav failure! Failsafe crash

Hi everyone!

I have a pixhawk 4 hexa build, I’m relatively new to the scene and even though I have already been able to have many successful manual and autonomous mission flights without any “flight” trouble per-se I did have some trouble when trying to trigger my camera in-flight on mission setpoints. When I saw that v1.11.0(beta) was released I was curious as to know if using this release would help somehow. It didn’t. Since this was a beta release I was kind of concerned that I was gonna have a fatal accident if I kept using this version, so I proceeded to downgrade the board to stable v1.10.1. Problem is that after that I started having problems when flying, a couple of crashes, the last one quite bad.

Seems that an error in sensor calibration is triggering a failsafe mode. In both cases when the failsafe was engaged it seemed to me that the RC was unresponsive and the best that I managed to do was to “gracefully” crash.


Uneventful flight v1.11.0(beta)

First crash (v1.10.1)

Baseline (v1.10.1, after re-calibrating all sensors on board, no critical errors)

Second crash (v1.10.1,)

As I mentioned I’m kind of a newb. So I’m not sure if I’m missing something in the logs, if my specific setup sets off a bug, or if it’s common knowledge that you should not be re-flashing releases without some sort of preventive procedure.

Any help would be deeply appreciated!

FYI @MaEtUgR @dagar.