Creating px4 Unreal plugins

I want to add px4 as a plugin to Unreal,
I am doing this.
But I’m a beginner, I can’t find the entrance.
In my imagination, if I take out the px4 controller and pass the control parameters of the keyboard to the PX4 controller, then input the PX4 controller to Airsim, and then pass the aircraft status from Airsim to px4, I can complete the work.
I found the location where Airsim received the Mavlink message for px4, which is the message with ID 93, but I cannot find the location where message number 93 was sent in the px4 code.
My work is stagnant now.
What should I do to make px4 an Unreal plugin.

i am engine is bad


It’s very difficult, I have already given up.