Crash after Switching to PosCtl

Today I had my first crash on a Tarot 680. I have mounted new ESC for TMotor 4010/475kV Motors with 13x4.4 Carbon Props.

I started in Stabilized Mode and wanted to do a fast flight over a field. Then I switched to PosCtl Mode as I have been doing many times before. In this moment I could see at least one Rotor come to a full stop. The Vehicle started tumbling and started falling. In order to prevent more damage I flipped the Kill - Switch before it was out of sight.

In the Log File I can see that the PWM was going to Min PWM Value respectively to Max PWM. This will cause Motors to full stop with the new ESC (Hobbywing XRotor 35A Mini with BLHeli on DampedMode). I have observed that my current BLHeli Configuration had trouble restarting Motors when they are stopped to a non minimal Speed. So I assume the ESC was unable to restart some of the Motors after they have been stopped with a non minimal PWM Speed setting.

I was assuming that MPC_THR_MIN / MPC_THR_MAX should avoid this behavior. They are on default values. 12% / 90% respectively. So min PWM should be limited to Values between 1120 and 1900 in all Auto Thrust Controll Modes… Anybody got an explanation for this?

Damage: Landing Gear, Landing Legs, Rear Right Arm (Motor, ESC and Props needs checking), 2 Video TX at least…