Couldn't visit with mavesp8266

I upload Firmware build from instead of Firmware version 1.2.2 provided by the author.

But I could not visit when i connect to “Pixracer” WiFi.
I ensure that my computer has connect the “Pixracer” and get IP “”.

When I uplaod Firmware with Firmware version 1.2.2, there is no problem.
So there are different between Firmware version 1.2.2 and .pioenvs/esp01_1m/firmware.bin.
But the author doesn’t say how to get Firmware version 1.2.2.

I’ve asked a question here
But after two days no one answered me. Someone can help me?


Let me ping @dogmaphobic so he sees this.

Hahaha, thank you!!!

hey did you solve your problem? I have a same issue