Continuous beep sound from the rear motor

I posted a question not too long ago, but it hasn’t been solved, so I’m asking again.

Occurs after updating to 1.10.1.

My aircraft is a Generic delta vtol.

The rear motor will continue to beep when power is connected.

1.8.2 did not have this problem.

Please help me.

That’s usually an indication that it’s not getting a PWM signal from the FC. Try using Vertical Technology’s Delta Quad airframe and connect wires per diagram. Of course, remove prop/s before testing.

Good luck.

My aircraft is Generic delta vtol .
I am sure that everything is connected correctly.
Also, if you do arming, there is no problem with your movements.

solved the problem.
This issue is estimated to be a bug that would have been upgraded directly from 1.8.2 to 1.10.1.

Initialize all firmware on FC.
(for example, PX4 -> ARDUPILOT -> PX4)
We installed 1.10.1 and manually entered the existing parameters.