Compass calibration using the RC


I am interested in implementing compass calibration using RC radio without using QGC (As in Ardupilot). Any suggestions about it are welcome. Thanks

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Just curious, why would you want to do that?


Compass calibration is required when flying in different environments. This makes the calibration procedure more practical and eliminates the need of telemetry link and ground station.


The compass calibration compensates for sensor scale factor and offsets. Hence it is independent of the environment. (Except for some temperature dependency)


If that is the case, implementing this is useless.


Main reasons to recalibrate the magnetometer are

  1. the sensor got magnetized during e.g. shipping the drone or you accidentally had a magnet very close to it
  2. you change payload and that affect the sensor

OK thanks for the explanation, But I wonder how the payload affects on the mag calibration.


Depends on the payload of course, but could be magnetic interference from the electronics, or soft iron effects from metal objects etc

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