Calibration of the compass

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am addressing you to some specific questions.

We at Geo concept use the system Pixhawk within our Hexacopter XR6 and would like to learn more about the calibration of the compass. The question is when to calibrate and how often or whether situations exist in which calibrations should not be calibrated? In addition, is it of interest whether a problem can also occur during ongoing flight operation if no calibration has taken place for a long time? Furthermore, we would like to know if there are differences in the South / Northern hemisphere and whether a bad calibration can lead to a deterioration?

We have already used the system in Canada, England, Turkey and other countries, even without re-calibration, and so far no problems have occurred. Is this risky or is it all right?

If you could help us further, we would be very grateful to you.

Best regards

The calibration is independent of your geo location. It just calibrates the vehicle.