Compass calibration in heavy and large drones


what is the solution for compass calibration of the large and heavy vehicles?

It is impossible to rotate the vehicle in 6 direction.

The problem is the whole purpose of compass calibration is to subtract out the magnetic parts of the drone that affect the compass reading. So removing from it the drone is unlikely to accomplish that.

Is it possible to calibrate compasses manually with a calibrated compass?

Why dont you do like this ? Check the video of painless360 (after 18minutues):

Other equipments in drone affect magnetic field of compasses.

In my honest opinion, you don’t have many choices.

I think for now, the best choice would be to mount the compass as far away as possible from wires that could cause a shift in the magnetic field. Then calibrate and try. Never use the internal compass, always external mounted.

There should be an option to calibrate just 1 direction, like in calibration of the accelerometers to just calibrate level.

@mohammad Hey did you happened to find a good solution for this ? Is two sided calibration process a good solution. Your thoughts ?


I did not finded any Solution, so i calibrate autopilot seprately and then put it in drone.
For this method we must use compass of autopilot because we can not seprate gps/compass from drone.

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