Communication between Pixhawk 4 flight controller and Holybro PM07 Power Distribution Board

I am trying to better understand how the Pixhawk 4 flight controller communicates with the PM07 Power Distribution Board. I currently have two servos and an ESC signal (ESC has built in BEC) connected to the FMU-PWM-out pin array (labeled 1-8 on he board) on the PM07 Power Distribution Board. Should the numbered pins of FMU-PWM-out described earlier correspond to a channel that is setup in the remote? I am having an issue where the channels that I have programmed in my remote (Futaba T14SG) do not correspond to the pin numbers of the FMU-PWM-out pin array on the Power Management Board. For reference I will mention that I am using qgroundcontrol to program the flight controller. I would also like to mention that the channels in the “Radio” section of qgroundcontrol appear to match what I have programmed in my remote. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.