Climbing During Forward Transition

Dear all,

During forward transition, the altitude is held constant as defined in the Take-off WP. However, I want it keep climbing to the altitude defined in the waypoint which is coming after “VTOL Take-off”.

May someone guide me where in the code I need to do this modification? I tried applying altitude offsets at a few places, but another logic overrides my offsets, and keeps the altitude constant during forward transition.


I think what you are looking for is here:

_velocity_setpoint(2) is the value which commands the thrust. Maybe its enough to set it to NAN, maybe you need to fill it with another value (not 100% sure there…)

@notoriou5 thanks!

I will try and give a feedback to this.

This is related to:

take off altitude and waypoint transition altitude must be different for this feature.

Thanks @notoriou5 !

This is the value should be set for climbing transition (negative is upwards).

However this function is entered in both forward and backward transitions. Therefore it is climbing during back transition as well. What is the flag which determines that aircraft is forward or back transitioning? I will keep the vertical velocity setpoint as zero during back transition.