Cheap Motion Capture Positioning System?

Optitrack and Vicon systems are crazy expensive, I am looking for something less than $1000. Does anyone know of a system that sells for that?


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You may take a look here:

Thanks! I am looking for something submillimeter accuracy. I’m guessing that would not be available for under $1000?

As Far As my knowledge goes, no.
You may think also about 3d or depth cameras…

ok thanks for the info

We currently have a MarvelMind system and a POZYX system that we’ve mucked around with enough to get PX4 working indoors. Neither of them are sub-mm by any means, although they’re good enough for the system to be generally happy in Pos Hold. Sub-mm at that price point might be really hard to achieve; we did a fair bit of research when setting things up, and nothing jumped out as a budget way to get that kind of accuracy.

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Thanks Tony. Did you get quotes for mocap? Just wondering if you knew of a cheaper system than Vicon or Optitrack. The quote I got was $20k, if there is something lower than that, I haven’t found it

We didn’t, no. Around $20k seemed to be about what we were expecting though, and that was a little too pricey. We’ve currently got the POZYX system set up though with 10 anchors and a tag on a HolyBro QAV250 (more expensive a/c to come…), and our tests so far seem very stable. But yeah, no mm-level positioning… so far we’re seeing about 10-20cm drift around setpoints, which is good enough for us.

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