Changing orientation for VL53L1X on the Pixhawk 5x


I have recently purchased and recieved my Holybro pixhawk 5x and i wanted to add 4 VL53L1X lidars I can see the lidars in the console doing listener distance_sensor but they are all doing the downward looking function and I cannot find anywhere how to change the orientation. Does not matter if I look for it in qGroundcontrol or Missionplanner!
Hopefully can point me in the right direction or a solution

Thank you in advance

Someone gave me the advice to stop the sensor in the Mavlink console using
vl53lx1 stop
and then run
vl53lx1 start -X -R 0

and to make it start /run automatically i was told i could make a /etc folder on the sd card in the FC and make a extras.txt that said vl53lx1 start -X -R 0
so that the board would run a automatic command so the sensor would detect in that orientation.
you have to disable the SENS_EN_VL53LX1 in the parameters

Hopefully this answers someone else that mind find themselfs in the same issue
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