Accounting for Pixhawk orientation change during transition

I want to setup the Pixhawk for a tailsitter VTOL aircraft I’m building. However, when the VTOL transitions from multicopter mode to fixed-wing mode, the Pixhawk will change its orientation by 90degrees (from vertical to horizontal), and the autopilot will think the aircraft has pitched 90deg down and will try to correct itself by trying to pitch the aircraft back up. How do I let the pixhawk know which is the default mounting orientation in each flight mode?

Recall that when you first select an airframe configuration in QGroundControl, you have to calibrate the sensors, at which time you have to specify the autopilot orientation (i.e., for me, I would select “ROTATION_PITCH_90” for when the aircraft is sitting on its tail). So there must be a parameter somewhere that allows me to control/change this default orientation mid-flight when the aircraft transitions from vertical to horizontal so that the autopilot does not get confused. Can anyone provide some clarity in this regard?

~ Glenn

I also have the same confusion, I also set up ROTATION_PITCH_90, but in the ground station looks after switching is still the direction is fixed 90 degree flip, do not know that there is no one to answer this question

The attitude indication does not switch with transitioning. That would be fairly inconsistent. You can file that as feature request with QGroundControl.

Hello, can be transferred, but converted all the steering gear did not work, I do not need to set the airspeed meter, where? I am in accordance with space velocity of set, but still does not work, I English is not very good, I hope you can understand

FW_ARSP_MODE: Declare invalid (2)
FW_THR_CRUISE: determined (e.g. 70%)
VT_TRANS_MIN_TM: determined (e.g. 10 seconds)

I was in accordance with this setting, the setting can be vertical take-off, but after switching all the steering gear does not work, the ground test is normal

您好,是可以转换的,但转换后所有舵机都不工作了,我没有空速计,需要再设置哪里吗?我按照 设置的无空速,但依然不起作用,我英文不是很好,希望您能看懂

I can understand your problem which I also encountered.Now ,I can’t solve the problem.