Cant run ALTA QGC on HERELINK : ERROR binding UDP port: the bound address is already in use

I am trying to run an ALTA X off of a Herelink unit and the first flight was a disaster. The paramaters for the remote were all wrong for the ALTA X airframe. I was told I need to us “ALTA QGC” but the herelink does not want to allow the ALTA QGC to operate. when ever I open it it says “ERROR binding UDP port: the bound address is already in use”. surly there is a way that herelink can get third party apps working without having to be a hacker or re code anything??

if anyone has any info please let me know.

kind regards

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This means that something is already running and listening on that UDP port. Could it be that you did not completely shut down QGC (or whatever QGC similar thing)?

Hi Julian.

So far I have attempted to uninstall the standard QGC (unsuccessful). And re-flash firmware on the remote and then install the ALTA QGC and open that first before opening anything else up.

I feel like if I could get the standard QGC uninstalled, it may work, but the herelink does not allow me to uninstall it.

Just check COM port of PC and enter same number in terminal of QGC…!!

Best look at the about ensuring that the OEM version of QGC is starting in the correct order.

We also offer custom assistance for HereLink integration, or lots of free support on our forums.

Where exactly? Url? Going through the docs but cannot find it.