Can't change parameters in px4 by VEHICLE_CMD_DO_SET_PARAMETER

i am conduct a simulation,my environment is below:

operation system:ubuntu 22.04

and the version of gazebo and MicroXRCE is following the guide of installing,
then i want to change some default parameter in px4 by using the VEHICLE_CMD_DO_SET_PARAMETER in ros2,but when i invoked the code


the define of function is below:

void DroneRTPS::publish_vehicle_command(uint16_t command, float param1, float param2, float param3, float param4, float param5, float param6, float param7)
	VehicleCommand msg{};
	msg.timestamp = _timestamp.load();
	msg.param1 = param1;
	msg.param2 = param2;
    msg.param3 = param3;
    msg.param4 = param4;
    msg.param5 = param5;
    msg.param6 = param6;
    msg.param7 = param7;
	msg.command = command;
	msg.target_system = 1;
	msg.target_component = 1;
	msg.source_system = 1;
	msg.source_component = 1;
	msg.from_external = true;

i can’t see the change of the parameter in px4,so what should i do to change the parameter in px4 by ros2 code

Hi @qingchu123 , even though VehicleCommand::VEHICLE_CMD_DO_SET_PARAMETER exists, it is not truly implemented. If I remember correctly, parameter change can only be made using Mavlink message

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oh,thank you for your detail reply!,i will try it!

Hello. So how am I supposed to send param_set using ROS2? Can you give a sample?

If by writing β€œusing ROS2” you mean NOT mavros, than you can’t at the moment. If you are using mavros, then take a look at