Cant' arm vehicle : Critical : preflight fail : ekf2 missing data

Hi. I have an error whenever I launch QGroundControl with my Pixhawk. The error is : " Critical : preflight fail : ekf2 missing data " .
I already tried to disable the airspeed sensor and many other parameters.
I’m using a custom airframe but I already tried with the up to date firmware and a no custom one, with still the same error.
I was able to arm my vehicle last week. I didn’t notice what could’ve change since and already tried to revert the system to its previous state.
If anyone has a clue on how to fix this error it could be helpful.
Thanks for your precious help !

What hardware? What PX4 version?

Our hardware is the Pixhawk 3pro (Pixhawk 3 Pro (Discontinued) | PX4 User Guide (main)).
Our PX4 version is 1.14 and our QGroundControl version is 4.2.8

Ok, best would be a logfile. You can also set logging from boot using SDLOG_MODE.