Calibration issues with tx16s transmitter

Hey everyone,

I have really put a lot of search into this, but could not find any material to fix my issue. So here I am. I have trouble calibrating my transmitter with QGroundControl. After moving the throttle stick upwards, it tells me to move it downwards, but after I do so, nothing happens. It seems like it does not recognize that I moved it all the way down.

For the issue, I tried to recalibrate internally from tx16s multiple times, but nothing changed. Any suggestions on where can the issue come from?

I am just a starter in this field, so I guess I could have missed even some minor detail.

In any case, thanks in advance!

Hm, my guess would be that either the range of your transmitter is just a bit too low and it doesn’t trigger the calibration, or something is wrong in hardware.

Have you tried moving the trim down all the way as well?

And have you looked at the values sent by looking at the Analyze Tools → MAVLink Inspector and then looking at the RC_CHANNELS message values?

Thanks a lot for the tips. The issue actually was from the model I selected. Since I created it myself, it probably had a lot of things missing, although I did check the 4 channels and they we working just as expected. In any case, I choose one of the templates that tx16s had and now it works flawlessly. I guess I should do some more research on model creation part in the transmitter. In any case, thanks a lot for the reply.

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