Flash PixRacer via WiFi

Hi all,

I read that it is (somehow?) possible to flash the pixracer via wifi. So far I couldn’t find more than the statement here https://dev.px4.io/en/flight_controller/pixracer.html saying that one can enable wifi-flashing. Any ideas or pointers how to actually do that?

Background: we want to switch with our underwater robots from Pixhawk to PixRacer and flashing via wifi would be amazing as we won’t have to open the sealings everytime we flash the firmware.

Thanks in advance for any ideas and help!

I’ve never heard of that being possible.

I believe the instructions on how to do that are linked at the bottom of the page you posted. https://pixhawk.org/peripherals/8266
See the section “Updating The Firmware”

The instructions in the link are for flashing the wifi chip itself, not the pixracer via wifi. I have not heard of anyone flashing the pixracer via wifi, but it should be possible as is stated in the link in the initial post.

Interesting, wifi flashing seem to be a magic hidden feature :smiley:

So I guess there should be at least someone who wrote the note “Setup and telemetry are already available, firmware upgrade is already supported by the default bootloader but not yet enabled”, right? :wink:

Flashing via WiFi isn’t supported just yet. It requires some modifications to the bootloader code which no one has had time to get round to doing just yet. :sweat: The modifications required are to handle bit and byte drops. You can follow the progress of the pull request here.

You can try to flash it via the WiFi module and it might work, but if you have any bit or byte drops it will fail. The probability of your being able to successfully upload the entire firmware without experiencing any bit or byte drops is quite low.

Hi, any news regarding this feature?