BLHELI_S BL32- 55A 4IN1 3-6S ESC wiring with PX4 error

Hi there,
my first attempt to use a 4in1 Esc and ended up crashing multiple times.
i hooked up BLHELI_S BL32- 55A 4IN1 3-6S ESC with PX4 like below.

is the connection okay or do i have to connect the V wire too?
the problem is after 50% throttle in loiter mode the quad violently flips to one of the sides(also in stabilize mode). I rechecked and ensured the motor spin directions and the wiring from esc to pixhawk is correct and still the quad crashing even before takeoff.
Really need some help guys.
thanks in advance

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I have the exact same issue with Cuav V5+ and TMOTOR F55A 4in1 blheli esc. The main problem is vibration whether there are props or not. I tried default pwm config and dshot configs but vibration still there. Can someone help us pleaseeee?

Quad250 frame was the problem. The flexibility of its wings was causing vibrations. Also we use aux instead of main out.