Problem with Pixhawk 4 with BLheli 30 A for my quadrotor?


I am using Pixhawk 4 holybro PMB. i have connected AUX Motor connection FMU 0ut of Pixhawk 4 to I/O_in of PMB . Connected with BLheli 30 A four for my quadcopter. i want a manual control with Taranus 9x plus and X8R receiver connected in sbus config. BLheli 30 A signal wire connected with (M1 - M4) of Holybro PMB. I have problem constant beep sound in ESC and disconnect the connected from I/O_in of PMB and connected back give a esc music and motor running under constant speed (5V). throttling in Taranas has no effect.

I have no idea where the problem exists? … Kindly some one help in connecting procedure with Pixhawk 4 and BLheli with Taranus 9x plus , X8R receiver.


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