BEC 5V with 3A is need for pixhawk 4 PMB?

External BEC 5V with 3A is need for pixhawk 4 PMB? I am using BLheli 30 A build-in 5V 2 A ESC in my quadcopter. my connection from pixhawk 4 to PMB are FMU PWM out to I/O PWM in. kindly give your suggestion …Thanks.

The 5V BEC is only needed if you need to power a servo motor or some other device that needs 5V. If you are just using brushless motors with ESCs that have a 5V BEC built in then you don’t need to provide 5V to the pmb. Let me know if you have further questions.,

I have posted my problem in youtube… need your valuable commands Plz.

What airframe did you choose from qgc? quad x? Moreover did you disable the IO using the SYS_USE_IO parameter on qgc? If it is enabled the motors will be mapped to the IO pins and not fmu.

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Quad-X , still i am having motor beep issue. need some help

By default PX4 outputs the motor pwms on the IO port. Either try to connect to the IO port or check the SYS_USE_IO parameter. If you want the pwms from the FMU port then this parameter has to be disabled.

Hi vasanth kumar
Conect i/out pwm out to fmu_ pwm in
Your motor will start working properly