Beaglebone Blue support?

Is anyone working on PX4 support for Beaglebone Blue?

If so, I’d like to collaborate. I’ve got tons of embedded Linux experience, but this is my first experience with PX4.

If not, well… I guess I’ll go it alone for now. :slight_smile:

Regardless, does it seem a good idea to work through libroboticscape for the hardware I/O, or just go directly to the interfaces a’la RPi?


There’s renewed interest in making linux a first class PX4 platform. I’ll send you an invite to slack to talk to other interested developers.

Out of curiosity could you explain why you’re interested in the Beaglebone Blue instead of Raspberry Pi Navio2?
I’ve recently picked up a navio2 to put on a car running PX4, but didn’t thoroughly research the options.

Several reasons, but ymmv:

First, Beaglebone Blue looks like it’s got everything I want all on one board. Second, it’s got more CPU horsepower, plus two additional PRU microcontrollers for dedicated realtime stuff if necessary. Third, a library called “libroboticscape” already exists and does some interesting heavy lifting.

Finally, everybody around me works with a Beagle of one form or another. :slight_smile:

I’ve worked some with RPi but not with Navio2, so I can’t comment on that one way or another.