Whats px4 firmware linux porting schedule?


nice to see a new home to boost px4 project. I want to ask how is linux porting, looks like snapdragon will get it very soon, i want to have px4 firmware running on Raspilot.


Maybe https://github.com/raspilot/docs will help you.

Its running on Snapdragon since many months and ships as the default solution with the eval board. We have lined up an Erle PXF Mini port.

There is nothing holding you back from running it on Raspilot. You should be able to run the SITL executable to get a feel for it, and you could absolutely join in on the effort to get all drivers up and running. All the infrastructure code is around.

If you’re interested I could create the config for you.

Lorenz, yes it’d be great if you could create a baseline config for the raspilot/Navio or similar boards.
I’m willing to get working on a flyable port. I have several of these Linux autopilot capes lying around unused since I wasn’t able to run PX4 on them.

I also found a (MUCH) cheaper alternative to the Snapdragon Flight, with almost exactly the same SoC architecture : http://www.inforcecomputing.com/6540-single-board-computer-sbc

Adding a full accel gyro mag baro board and connecting ESCs to the UART shouldn’t be too difficult to work with. This would be much more suitable than the currently prohibitively expensive Eagle board for development atleast.

What do you think?

I think as long as the Snapdragon is not widely available it will remain an OEM platform. Its important to us since these tend to fund open source projects, but a cheaper variant doesn’t really solve availability. So I think your proposal for a RPI2 baseline config makes sense. I will create one for the NAVIO2 and one for the Erle mini version.

Sounds good. Tag me when you do, I can get started on getting it running on the actual hardware then.

Something I still find rather incomplete is the DriverFramework, and more importantly docs and the basic implementations (e.g SPI) for it.

Is there an Erle pxfmini version?
Looking at https://github.com/PX4/Firmware/blob/master/posix-configs/rpi/px4.config it seem that it is actually for Navio.