The parameter reference says that this value represents the per-cell resistance in Ohms, but the precision is only 0.01 Ohms (10 mOhms). This seems high to me, since most of the batteries I’m handling right now have closer to 1.5 mOhms per cell (0.0015 Ohms) according to the charger. On one build I have parallel batteries so closer to 0.00075 Ohms per cell!

The deprecated BAT_R_INTERNAL seems to accept 0.001 precision, which is closer to the precision I would expect to need.

Am I missing something?
Is my charger inaccurate?
Does a 1C charge from 50% not give accurate results?
Are my batteries nicer than anticipated?
Will they break in to higher values too quick to matter?
Is there a reason not to support more precision?
Is the documentation mistaken and it now represents pack voltage or different units?
Should I just set 0.01 and call it good?

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