Autonomous waypoint navigation quadranger vitol

I have build quadplane similar to Quadranger VTOL.Flight testing in manual mode was successful.Now, I’m want to do autonomous waypoint navigation using telemetry.I have not tried it before even on quadcopters.Anyone please share your experience on this feature.


Waypoint navigation is fairly straighforward;

set your first waypoint ± 300m away from you home location and set this to a VTOL_TAKEOFF command. place further waypoints as regular waypoints and finish your mission with a VTOL_LAND command on or near your home position.

Point your vtol towards the takeoff waypoint, arm, and switch to mission mode. The vtol will takeoff as quad to the altitude set in the VTOL_TAKEOFF mission item, transition to fixed wing, and fly to the VTOL_TAKEOFF location, then it will follow the waypoints set and finaly fly (as FW) towards the VTOL_LAND mission item. A little before the VTOL_LAND it will transition back to MC mode and land as MC on the VTOL_LAND spot.

Things to consider;

  • bench test the aileron and elevator responses by switching to altitude mode in FW without arming and move your plane to see if the control surfaces counter the movement correctly. You can also test this in manual mode if you have permanent stabilization activated. although if you have that and the plane flies well it is likely to be setup correctly.
  • make sure your plane flies correct in altitude and position mode.
  • Set quadchute (VT_FW_MIN_ALT) to something sensible like 15m and fly your mission at something like 30m
  • Set the back transition duration correct, for a quadranger i would recommend around 5 seconds.
  • make sure your cruise speed is set to something you have seen to be a good speed in your logs.

Good luck.

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