Auto completation and symbol dependency problems

Could someone point me in the right direction in order to import PX4 into eclipse.
I am running the docker container from PX4 under my ubuntu. I can already compile and upload the code.
I imported the code, importing existing project into workspace. Under eclipse I can also build and upload the code to my pixhawk.
The problem is, eclipse cannot find the symbols (like uORB_subcribe, among others) and therefore cannot autocomplete.
In order to program some applications these will be very helpful.

thanks in advance

Copy and rename the top level eclipse files
eclipse.cproject -> .cproject
eclipse.project -> .project

Then import as a project into eclipse.

To get symbols you need to build posix_sitl_default to get the generated uORB message, then refresh the eclipse indexer.

Thanks Dagar.
I forgot to refresh the indexer.
Now is working fine