ArkFlow 1.14 Stable Documentation

Hello, I am trying to get my Arkflow working on the modalai flight core v2.

I flashed the most recent stable 1.14 release, but it appears not all of the paramters are showing up. A few that are missing are


I am following the documentation here: ARK Flow | PX4 User Guide (main)

I understand this is main branch, but I can not seem to find this documentation for a 1.14 stable release branch like I can for 1.13 or 1.12

I am an idiot. You need to enable

before those earlier parameters become available. making request to documentation in case anyone else gets confused

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I was at the same point when I started using Ark Flow. I think in terms of the docs it would already help if the two parameters were mentioned at the top, directly after Enable optical flow fusion by setting EKF2_OF_CTRL. When going through the settings cronologically, it would make more sense for me to first enable everything that’s necessary to activate all the following params.

already opened

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Thanks so much for sorting this. FYI, this is the approach I used in the generic setup docs: DroneCAN | PX4 User Guide (main).

If this is truly generic, it might be good to make the generic ones a master copy and link to them from ARK. I don’t think we’re quite ready yet.

I need some help here while using the following:

  • AFK Flow
  • Pixhawk 6C
  • PX4 (1.14.0) stable


Problem: (the drone isn’t stable in position mode)

  • Initially the takeoff was not good (the drone was circling).
  • Upon releasing the Roll/Pitch stick of RC, the drone wasn’t stopping, then I had to move the stick to opposite direction to stop the drone.
  • Switching to “Land” mode didn’t worked.
  • Sometimes, it was holding the position and sometimes it was moving freely while hovering.

I see that Alex is assisting you in Drone isn't stopping on releasing Roll/Pitch stick of RC while using ARKFlow for local positioning · Issue #22385 · PX4/PX4-Autopilot · GitHub

It might be best to make this a separate post on the PX4 forum as this post has been resolved

I am also running into an issue.

All of the SENS_FLOW params are not showing for me. I am also on PX4 1.14 stable release.

Not only that, but I cannot set parameter values to decimal points. They appear to be integers. Like setting UAVCAN_RNG_MIN will just go to 0. It does not go to 0.08

I think I always had to refresh (Tools > Refresh) in order for the SENS params to show. Not sure why this is necessary though.