Are T-Motor ESC and Pixhawk 6C compatible?

Hi there
I have a pixhawk 6C Devkit drone (x500 v2) and want to change the ESC and the motors.

I‘d like to switch to the following components:

The ESC is based on BLHeli32 and can be used with these protocols: PWM / OneShot / DShot300-1200 / MultiShot

The original ESCs which came with the devkit are all connected to the adapter and the adapter is connected with the I/O PWM Output Port on the pixhawk 6c FC.

The new ESC uses another connection type, a 8 Pin connection for the FC.

Pinout of the pixhawk 6c: Pixhawk 6C Ports - Holybro Docs
Pinout of the ESC:

Now I‘m not sure if this ESC is compatible with the FC. Do you know if this would work? Can I use another ESC than the original one in general?

I have more experience with opensource FC which usually have the correct connector already mounted. There you only had to look at the protocol. With the Pixhawk FC I am not sure because the pinout is different.

Thank you in advance :slight_smile: