Holybro Tekko32 F4 4in1 50A ESC with Pixhawk 4


I am trying to connect my 4in1 ESC to the Pixhawk 4 but not really sure how. I have the pin layout for the ESC from the following link;

Any help is appreciated.

The place where it is written M1, M2, M3, M4 with colored lines, your signal wire from I/O port or FMU port will go there for respetive motros.

the top and bottolm part with M1 M2 M3 and M4, you should connect 3 wires from motors. Try making a male and female wire connection for ESC and motor wire connection. (it would be easy to change the direction of motor rototion)

On the left side where + and - are mentioned thats where you connect your battery and capacitor.

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Thank you, I’ll give it a go tomorrow and see if it works!