Using qgc with ardupilot


I wonder if anyone has any experience using QGC as the GCS with ardupilot flight stack? Is this a preferred setup?
I’ve always used Mission planner, but it starts to seem kind of out-dated in terms of user interface. Does QGC offer the same functionality for ardupilot?

Thankful for any response.

QGC does not try to support all of the features that are included in Mission Planner. That is not it’s goal. It’s goal is to provide a simpler to use interface for flying your drone which doesn’t require you to be an expert at understanding the ins and outs of drones. Another goal is to provide the same interface no matter what OS or device you want to use it on. If you are a power user of Mission Planner you will likely find missing things in QGC that may not suit you. If you are not a power user you likely will not notice anything missing. If you do please let me know.

Caveat: I’ve been working on QGC for many years now. So your welcome to take my comments at face value given my own personal involvement. That said there are many many users of QGC with ArduPilot. The Android version gets especially high usage for example.

Thank you for the response. If possible, it would help me decide if you could list some of the features that aren’t present in QGC?

You would have to ask actual users about that. One example would be that QGC does not have vehicle firmware log analysis tools built into it. Only telemetry based logging tools are included. My suggestion would be just use both and see what you think. There is no detriment to trying something out.