Another UDP Port while in SITL to Simulink

I have successfully run PX4 in SITL mode with gazebo and Qgroundcontrol. Everything works just great.
I want to connect a simulink model in parallel.
All I need is another UDP port maybe. somehow I want to use Mavlink decoder in simulink to connect to PX4 SITL using UDP. I only want to view the data and plot them and analyze them in simulink. I dont want to send back anycommands
I think it cant be done now because Qground is using the UDP connection. I want another free connection to Simulink
Can you please give me some resource about it

I found that this is possible with mavproxy and forwarding the Mavlink incommoding connection.
There is good doc in mavProxy gitHub Page

Hyy @alireza_ghaderi can u tell how to connect PX4 sitl in simulink and then visualize it with QGC. As i am new to this topic. It would be great if u help me out!