Analog Airspeed Sensor MPXV7002DP on a Pixhawk Issue

We cannot get this air speed sensor to work on our VTOL Quad (ranger) plane. We have it wired into the ADC 6.6v port and when we try to calibrate it the error massage comes up. Its on and Qgc seems to detects it but always comes up with and error, [cal] calibration failed: airspeed. Any ideas?

The analog sensor has proven to be unreliable, that’s why the wiki recommends a digital one. eBay has quite a few choices that I’ve used with good success. The Eagle Tree Systems V3 works as well but you have to custom make a harness for it.

Good luck.

Rollys, we have used them before without to much issue. High accuracy isn’t so much of an issue anyway for us. But for the VTOL it does need some indication of its air speed for its safe transition. We have the analog ones in hand so was hoping to use those.

Is anyone able to confirm if the code is still supporting the analog air speed sensor? Is anyone using the current version without any issue?

We are using latest QGC and PX4 and are also unable to get the FC/QGC to recongize the “V20 Pressure Board - APM Analog Airspeed Sensor”. Any ideas on how to get this sensor integrated?