Airspeed sensor calibration difficulty

Sometimes when I try to calibrate my airspeed sensor, QGC will start the calibration process but will fail due to “cal] airspeed error count non zero” as shown below. If I power cycle my aircraft and reload QGC the problem continues to occur. Does anyone have some insight as to what could be causing this? I asked in the QGC google group but they sent me here. Thanks!

[cal] calibration started: 2 dpress
[cal] Ensure sensor is not measuring wind

[cal] airspeed error count non zero

[cal] calibration failed: dpress

It means the airspeed driver is registering errors and the calibration is refusing to continue as a warning. I recently expanded that message to tell you to check your wiring and try again.

Check your wiring to the airspeed sensor and keep the i2c cable as short as possible. You’ll need to reboot to clear the error count and try again. Many of the existing/older airspeed sensors are the 5V version, but the pixhawk i2c is 3.3V. I would highly recommend you purchase a level shifter ( or a 3.3V sensor.

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I get the same issue, and I’m using the auav airspeed sensor. However I do have some very long wires leading out to the sensor. Guessing that’s the the cause. Would an analog airspeed sensor have the same issues?

Ok…so I’m using the 3.3v digital air speed sensor from mRobotics and can’t seem calibrate it using 1.6.0 firmware version. Has the change above only been applied to the Master only? Getting a message, airspeed sensor missing. I’m using the short cable it came with.


I have the same problem regarding connecting an analog airspeed sensor (5V) to a pixhawk ADC (3.3V)?
what should I do in that case?

Thank you!