Altitude hold / Position hold issues with latest firmware

Hey guys, i recently set up a Tarot t960 with a pixhawk, after flashing it with 1.4.1dev (qgroundcontrol installed this by default) and doing the initial setup, i flew it with default gains and stabilize mode is great as far as i can tell, but as soon as i change it to alt hold or pos hold… it started twitching, losing height, then pulsing the motors, moving all over the place (in alt hold it just moves up and down) so after researching this and trying many different gain settings, i tried rolling back to 1.4.1rc1 (someone mentioned this had no issues for them) and it works perfect? So is there something up with the new versions messing the barometer?

Bump, anyone had an issue with this? i’m using a 3dr pixhawk v2

Latest master works for me

we also do this test and the following website is the video that we have done what we use the firmware is release 1.4.2

Yeah it looks like you’re having a similar issue? Was this removed with any firmware below 1.41rc

Hi - we would love to help, but we need log files to do so. Its incredibly hard to tell from the video if you have too high vibrations or a tuning problem.

I’ve now balanced my props and still had the same issue with 1.4.x and 1.5rc so i ended up just using 1.4.1rc1 and it’s all good. I’m still trying to figure out how to lock in alt hold and pos hold more by messing with the gains though, are there any guides out there on how to do this?

Also just wondering, did the default position estimator change in the firmware update from 1.4.1rc? I’m wondering if LPE is the one i’m using now which seems ok, and INAV is the default for future firmware?

I noticed i’ve actually been using INAV this whole time with position estimate altitude, after 1.4.3 it was changed to LPE by default, which i am now testing, but the default P gains seemed way to high for my hex so after some tuning I’m slowly getting there… big learning process this all is haha