Airspeed sensor: No signal

Hello everyone, I am a member of a senior design team @ UA aerospace department

We are connecting the airspeed sensor to a fixed wing aircraft, but the Qgroundcontrol cannot receive the any signal of the airspeed sensor. However, the sensor is powered, can it can read the airspeed.

Here are some pictures that how do I connect the cables.



I have tried to refresh the airframe and set up the controler’s orientation, but the Qgroundcontrol still cannot find the airspeed signal.

May I know what happened, and how I can fix it?

Thank you ~~

this looks like the eagletree airspeed sensor? if so, you have it wired incorrectly. they actually use the white wire as ground - you are using the brown wire!
…also, make sure you have set it up for “3rd party” mode as mentioned in the ET guide.
here are some helpful links for that sensor…