Airframe Combination

I am brand new to the flight controllers and firmware. I just graduated from uni in May with an Aerospace Engineering degree, but me and my team’s senior design project had gone to the absolute shitter due to covid. Anyway, our design was to integrate an RC car frame and a quadcopter body into one. Using various sensors, either a ground or flight mode would be triggered. Of course we were bullshitting our advisor at the time that this was a great idea and it would work, but we actually hadn’t the slightest clue.

So I am now wondering, is it possible to flash two different kinds of airframes such as a quadcopter+ and rover into a single Pixhawk flight controller? If so, how would I switch between the two airframes on site? Thanks!

While is might be possible, it would require many code changes that you really do not want to figure out.
Off the top of my head I would consider using two flight controllers then figure out a way to switch between the two.

However your best bet is to come clean with the instructor and reduce the scope of the project.