Is it possible to change the firmware during execution using pixhawk 2.4.8?


I’m developing a project using a normal quadcopter drone that has a couple of DC motors connected to wheels at the base, the idea is that the drone works like a rover when is touching the ground. The user can switch betwin drone mode and rover mode.

So I need to change the fimware during execution or develop/edit a firmware that can fulfill the task.

How would you attack the problem?

On the other hand, I don’t know which programming language use the firmware (I have used c, c++, c# Python, etc… in other projects), which IDE is used, which libraries are required.

thanks in advance to everyone who answers

This will be a bit of a learning curve. I’d probably start here: PX4 Development | PX4 User Guide (main) and get SITL (simulation) running on your computer, so you can experiment.