Aircraft Vehicle Configuration File for FMU_PASS

Hi all, I’m quite new to the PX4 development environment. I am currently working on a project which requires off-board control on UAV.
I have been successful with using ROS to publish commands to the actuator_controls_msg to Mavros and would like to send the controls directly to the ESCs by using the FMU_PASS.mix which directly maps the input rotor commands to the output.

My drone is a standard H 250 quadcopter and so I am creating a new vehicle configuration file based on the 4040_reaper aircraft vehicle configuration file.

My question is to do what I wanted to do is to feed my command signals to the output and observe the output through the servo_output_raw inside Qgroundcontrol, I am not sure whether I am defining my aircraft vehicle configuration file correctly.

I don’t think I needed any parameters for PID tuning since I am just using the Pixracer to convert my command to PWM signals. Here is a snippet of my aircraft vehicle configuration code:

# @name Standard Quad 250
# @type Quadrotor H
# @class Copter
# @output MAIN1 motor 1
# @output MAIN2 motor 2
# @output MAIN3 motor 3
# @output MAIN4 motor 4
# @maintainer blankerd

set MIXER FMU_pass

set PWM_RATE 50
set PWM_OUT 1234

I am wondering where can I find information on setting the PWM_RATE or PWM_OUT or do I need these lines of code at all? I have been trying to search for a tutorial relating to how to set the aircraft vehicle configuration files with no luck. Any help on this would be appreciated.