Unable to control PWM outputs on new airframe using gamepad

Hi everyone and thank you for reading.
I have created a new airframe, mixer, _apps file, and added the _apps fil to rcS.

I can now select my airframe and calibrate it in QGC. I am however unable to control any PWM outputs with my gamepad. I have set the COM_RC_IN_MODE to 1.

I have based my airframe on the 8001_octo_x and basically copied all the files and updated the program calls inside these files. I can see that the gamepad input works, and when i select the octo_x airframe I get an output on the PWM.

I will be using this airframe for a sub/ROV project and have therefore made a new airframe type called SUB and class called ROV. could this cause any problems?

I have been trying this for a long time now with no success. I have also tried to use my gamepad to set the PWM outputs on the UGV rover airframe. I seem to encounter the same problem here as with my own SUB airframe.

Any help would be greatly appreciated