Advanced Flight Profiles

Hi everyone hope all is well with you all.

I really could do with some help!! I am trying to set about putting my own ‘survey’ style flight profile into QGroundControl, it is a profile that I will be flying at lots of different locations and it will be exactly the same in terms of dimensions, but I cannot just save a file with it in as it will just save it location specific. That is my understanding of the system as it is at the moment.

My question: is it possible to create a profile/pattern that can be ‘dropped’ into the planning screen, that will automatically go to the planned home location?

Any ideas greatly appreciated!

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So an update, I have worked out how to calculate all the points and relative distance using one initial reference point! However this process currently takes about 10 minutes per point that needs to be found. So a very long process for each flight profile that needs to be planned!! I am now working on a system that will generate all points on a spreadsheet when one point and heading are inserted. I will update accordingly in the future. My plan is then to use this data to convert into a .plan file that will create the profile ‘flight profile’. Therefore the user will only have to insert the first coordinate and bearing!! Well that is the plan at least. Any help would be greatly appreciated.