ADSB receiver - CUBE Orange - configuration and viewing

Good Day,
Does someone have an idea on how to configure the ADSB-IN type on the orange CUBE using a Px4 stack and QGC platform .
Also where do you read the received information from the ADSB-IN type module.

thank you

In the current master, the ADSB receiver is already configured out of the box. When a message is received, it will be relayed over mavlink in the form of an ADSB message

I’m not sure how QGroundControl reacts to receiving such a message

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is it in the Mavlink console ?

If you go to analyze tools > mavlink inspector, if an ADSB message comes in, you should be able to see it pop up there for sure.

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Can you advise on how to enable the console again for the Cube Orange? I need to see the debug port messaging, beyond the QGC Mavlink console. There was an _console build config back in 1.11. Any quick advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

EDIT: Nevermind… I see that the “_console” configs became “_test” configs. Problem solved.

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