Add signals in ulog file

Good Morning,

I would like to know if it’s possible to add signals in the ulog file (for display in plotjuggler or flight review). The signals I want to display are used in the TECS :

  • kinetic energy (setpoint and estimate)
  • potential energy (setpoint and estimate)
  • total energy (setpoint and estimate)
  • energy balance (setpoint and estimate)

I see in the .cpp file that there is a .publish for some variables but I don’t know how to use it and where I’m supposed to make the publication.

Please someone can tell me if it’s possible and how ? :slight_smile:
Thank you !


Yes, just add the new fields here and populate them in the same way as the others.
They will automatically be added to the ulog file

Thank you for your answer !

I’ve add many lines in the tecs_status.msg and in other files. Now I would like to build and upload the new firmware in the hardware PX4. When I go into the QGC in “Firmware” and I plug the USB, I can choose “Custom firmware file”. Which file should I choose ? Do I have to generate a file and if yes, whith which software ?

I work with Windows 10.

Thank you :slight_smile: