Active ruder in stabilized multicopter mode

Version: v1.11.0-rc1
model: tiltrotor

The goal is to support the vtol with the rudder (the physical control surface) in multicopter configuration during STABILIZED flight mode, like it is done with the aileron and elevator. What I am observing, is that the ailerons and elevators move with the rc stick input, while the rudder stays still (this is also the behavior in ACRO mode).

I tried to look through the fw_att_control but couldn’t figure out where exactly the manual inputs are mixed into the modes. When running the debugger in the simulation (tiltrotor, mc config, STABALIZED or ACRO) the outputs to my control surfaces are calculated here. But I can’t see where the rc input for aileron and elevator are mixed into the output, and where it is neglected for the yaw.

Thanks for any help which points me into the right direction :slight_smile: