Accel error follows after Serial 4/5 on GPS2 for additional Telemetry is set


I found out something mysterious. And may some of you and someone knows this phenomenon and can explain it or has a solution for it:

After change Mav_2_config to Serial 4/5 i get ther error “accel #0 fail timeout”

I am using following Setup:

  • Cube Black (Pixhawk 2.1) with PX4 1.12.3
  • 3DRadio on Telem1 for Telemetry
  • Mav2Hott on Telem2 for Telemetry to RC

and the plan is to connect a telemetry connection to GPS2 (Serial 4/5). It works, but then i can’t arm anymore, because “accel #0 fail timeout”.

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: